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Beach Buddies

Posted on 06 Apr 2017 @ 2:06am by Ensign Shay Mitchell & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Puerto Rico
Timeline: September 2388

Shay looked back toward Ricardo and Maria and cracked a grin, watching them for a second before looking toward the blonde haired man. "I think your friend has it bad," she said, rolling onto her stomach and untying the string of her blue bikini, then pulling her mane of dark hair over her shoulder. "I don't suppose you'd put some tanning lotion on my back, would you?"

Allen grinned, "Yeah, he does. He's got it real bad." He then looked over to Shay and saw her bare back. "Oh, I can do that, Shay. I can do that." Allen picked up the bottle drizzled a small line down her spine, grinning. He then started to slowly rub it on, spreading it over her back and even gently massaging here and there. "How's that make ya feel?"

Shay closed her eyes and relaxed when he began to start massaging her back. She hadn't been expecting that, but it was greatly appreciated and earned a groan of approval. "That feels so good. I don't think I've ever had anyone give me a massage before now."

"Seriously, girl? I would've thought you'd had a back massage long before now." Allen continued rubbing in the tanning lotion. "And it looks like that's about it. Need that tied back?" he asked, grinning. "Or more. I could always keep going. Whatcha want?"

The young woman shook her head. "Nope, I've never had a massage before now, and I definitely think you should keep going. That being said... I'm not sure I should tie it back just yet."

"That, I can do," he said. Allen continued to gently massage the Filipino's back. It was still somewhat slick from the tanning lotion, which made his job a little easier. "So tension whatsoever. Of course, it is shore leave, and we're on Earth, on a beach, and the hottest girl out here is getting a back massage by the hottest guy. So yeah, relaxed."

Shay grinned. "The hottest girl and the hottest guy, huh?" She found herself asking. Allen was quite the guy, she had to admit. He had a wicked sense of humor, and made her laugh more than anyone ever had. "And who could be tense when they're in paradise?" Of course, they're futures were up in the air.

"True, this place is paradise," he said, wrapping up the back massage. "Feel better Shay?" he asked. Allen laid down on his side, placing his elbow down and his head in his hand.

"I feel a lot better," she said, turning her attention toward him with a smile. Shay heard a few rumors that he was rather fond of blondes, and it just so happened that she was the farthest thing from that. Still, the young woman found herself wanting to get to hang out with him. "What about you? How are you liking this beautiful place?"

A waiter came up to the area where Shay and Allen were getting to know each other with a tray containing two orders of alcapurrias and a hubcap margarita. "Compliments of your friend," he said and gestured towards Ricardo and Maria before he set them down and went on his way.

Shay looked to what the waiter was holding, then toward their friends and waved. Once she and Allen finishes drinking the margarita, they'd be feeling no pain at all. With the... she wasn't sure what they were, but they looked delicious... maybe they could hold off getting drunk too quickly by having something in their stomachs. "Will you send over or thanks?"

"Will do," the water said and headed off.

Allen was just about to answer Shay's question when the booze showed up. Well, the booze and the food. He watched Shay wave and grinned widely. Ohhh He then looked over at Ricardo and Maria and nodded. After the waiter left, Allen moved the hubcap margarita between them. He took one of the straws and moved it over toward Shay with a wink. "Here ya go," he said. "As for how I'm liking this beautiful place, I haven't figured that out yet. I'm still taking in the scenery." He put the other straw in his mouth and took a long drink.

Shay leaned in to take a sip from the straw he moved in front of her. "Thank you. The scenery is pretty amazing, isn't it?" She asked, looking at him instead of the much landscape around them. Despite the hubcap margarita in front of her, she'd already been drinking a bit beforehand. "What are your plans for dinner tonight?"

Allen swallowed a bite of the food he'd taken. "Heh, honestly, I haven't thought that far ahead yet." Allen noticed that she didn't take her eyes off of him when she mentioned the scenery. He took another drink and didn't move his eyes either, well, for the most part. "How about you, got any plans?"

"None. Yet. Rumor has it you're a sucker for blondes... I don't suppose you'd be willing to overlook the fact that I'm not and have dinner with my tonight, would you?" Shay asked.

"Well, the rumors are true, I'm a sucker for blondes," said Allen. "They say blondes seem to have more fun. But brunettes, hell, brunettes know why they're having fun." He laughed a little and continued. "I'd be more than willing to overlook it and have dinner with you tonight. Name the time and the place, hot stuff."

Shay couldn't help but laugh at that, then she looked thoughtful. "I'm not real sure where, but how about we meet up about nineteen hundred? I'm sure we can find someplace that suits us," she suggested.

"It's a date," Allen said with a wink. He took another long drink from the hubcap and was starting to feel it. He wondered how many margaritas there actually were in this thing. "So," he said, picking up, huh, he'd forgotten... "what location had the privilege of having such a mmhmm born on it's shores?"

"I'm half Canadian, half Filipino. Born in Manila, Philippines," the young woman answered, taking another sip from the enormous margarita. "I think I was about seven or so when my Dad decided we were moving to the states. What about you?"

"I was born in southern California, Santa Monica area," he said. "I have a friend who owns a beach house down on Manhattan Beach. Had a lot of nice parties there. Half Filipino, huh. So that's where you get your looks. And they look good."

Shay grinned. "You don't pull any punches, do you, California boy?" Shay asked, rolling onto her side. Of course, she held her top to her chest.

"Oh no, especially not when I get some good stuff like this." He used his straw to swirl the drink. It was then that he looked up and saw that Shay had rolled to her side, holding the bikini top up. He stared for a second. He didn't care. Then he looked up to her eyes. "Need anymore tanning lotion?"

"I suppose I could use some more," she said, reaching behind her to tie her top back in place, then settled down on her back. "My legs are looking a little pale."

Allen grabbed the lotion and moved down to Shay's legs. He drizzled a line down one of them and began massaging the lotion in. "I don't know about that," he said, "they look perfect to me. They feel it, too." He had started at her ankle and was working his way up. "Nice tone. You do any running or jogging?"

"I run a bit," Shay replied. "Mostly before my shift starts. What do you do to keep yourself in shape, Cali?" The smile on her fave remained as he rubbed lotion on her legs.

Cali...he liked that. Grinning, Allen replied, "I like to swim, surf, and dance. You don't grow up where I did and not like the club scene. Unless there's something totally wrong with you." He finished rubbing in the lotion as far as her bikini would allow and switched to the other leg. "Ohh, smooth as silk," he said as he began applying the tanning lotion to Shay's other leg. He looked up at her and winked.

"I've been known to do a little dancing before," she said, rolling over once more so he could get the backs of her legs. "I've never been a part of the 'club scene' before, though. I was kind of sheltered before I went to the Academy. This is my first true taste of freedom."

Allen smiled as she rolled over. Nice, he thought. He moved so that he could start applying the tanning lotion to both legs at the same time. "I'd like to see you in action then. Uh, dancing, I mean." Yeah...that's what he meant. "Maybe I can help you expand your horizons and enjoy this true taste of freedom by taking you to a club after dinner. How's that sound?" Again, up to where the bikini allowed.

"I think I like the way that sounds," she said, smiling at him over her shoulder. He was quite cute, and Shay was quite distracted by him. "Do you want to pick me up from my room, or should we meet here at the bar?"

Allen just barely saw Shay move her head and didn't have time to react. He'd just gotten caught staring at her butt. What else you going to do but wink. So he did. "Oh, um, I'll pick you up at your room of course. More time together. Where are you are staying?"

"I saw that," Mitchell said with a grin, gesturing to the huge hotel that wasn't too far away. It just so happened to be the same one that he and Ricardo were staying in. "Maria and I are staying here. Third floor, room three-seventeen. Where are you and Ricardo staying?"

Allen had finished rubbing on the lotion a bit ago, but hadn't stopped the massage on her legs. He looked over to where Shay was gesturing. "Oh hey, that's the one that Ricardo and I staying in. Yo, Ricar... Heh, you know Shay, one of us might not be going back to the hotel any time soon. And it'd be a shame either one of us had to stay on this beach alone. I say we hang out here some more and talk. Or flirt. Totally up to you. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the sun and the tan. And I'll give you all the massaging you want while getting caught staring at your butt."

"At least you're honest about it," she said with a grin. "As far as the flirting goes, I thought we were already doing that? I mean... I've been kind of blatant about it."

Allen grinned, "I'm sorry, what was that? I was staring again." He chuckled and laid back down on a towel next to Shay, propping his head up again. "Yeah, we have been flirting. And you have been blatant about it. And you know what?" He paused and looked around before leaning in. "I like it, Shay."

"I'm glad, because I like it, too. I have to ask you, though..." the young woman began, rolling onto her side so she could look at him better. "There's no one on the ship that you fancy?"

"Me? Nah. Nobody there that's ever really caught my eye long enough to hold it," he said. "Or anything else for that matter." He leaned over to take another drink of the margarita. It was warmer now, but it still had it's effects. "How about you, hot stuff? Every set those beautifully dark eyes on a guy?"

"Not really," she said honestly, glancing out toward the ocean. Shay really hadn't looked at too many men on the ship unless it was duty related. "Are the rumors true? That you and Ricardo..." She shook her head. "Nevermind. How do you feel about a swim?"

"Hey now," he said quietly. He knew how people talked. And he knew what they talked about. "I would love a swim, but what's on your mind, girl?"

"Do you really sleep with a different woman every night?" Shay finally asked.

"Oh, that rumor. No, it's not true. Ricardo and I have our fun, yeah, but it's nothing like that," he said. "I know what they say, though. Playboys. Flirts. Frat boys. All of it. But that's just a rumor, Shay. Don't let it bother you."

That made her feel a bit better, and he seemed to be a bit genuine in his response. "It doesn't bother me, but I do appreciate you being honest with me. That means a lot," she said, smiling at him.

"You're welcome," he said. "And hey, I know how people talk. So if there's ever anything else you want, I'm fair game," he added with a wink.

"I'll remember that," she said with a smile, unable to keep from checking him out from behind her sunglasses. In all her life, she'd never seen someone with muscles as huge as his were, and now she was wondering how he kept from busting out of his uniform... which Shay had never seen him out of until now. "Come on... let's go check out the water." She got to her feet and waited for him to join her.

Allen stood up and stretched, putting his arms over his head. As he did so, he checked out the now standing Filipino hottie in front of him. "Alright, sounds good to me." He grinned widely and scooped up Shay. "Hold on tight," he said as he took off for the ocean.

Shay let out a startled squeal, then laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck as he took off for the ocean. She hadn't expected him to do that, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to enjoy it. "You are something else, you know that, don't you?" She asked as she leaned in to press a kiss to his cheek.

"So I've been told," he replied. "But this is the first time I've been told by someone as mmmhmmm as you." He felt her kiss his cheek and smiled. That felt good. He slowed as he got near the water. For a brief second, he considered tossing her in. But instead, he walked out to where it was chest deep for him and lowered her in. "Alright little mermaid, let's see ya swim."

"Little mermaid, huh?" Shay asked as she began to float on top of the water. "How about you, Cali? Are you going to turn into a fish?"

He laid back in the water and kicked until he was floating even with her. "I don't plan on it. But if you do, would you let me catch you?"

She smiled over at him. "I think I could be persuaded," Shay said, kicking her feet to move around a bit. "How bad do you want to catch me? And what would you do with me once you finally caught me?"

"Ohhh, little mermaid, those are two loaded questions. But since you asked..." He kicked over to where she was, "I'm still right here beside you. Try and swim away and you'll get a better answer. And for the other?" He kicked and maneuvered so that he was treading water next to Shay. He slipped his arms under her and close enough to grab her real quick. "Do ya really wanna know?"

Shay grinned when he moved next to her, and at for, she didn't show any signs of moving. "I really want to know," she said, finally dropping her body into the water and trying to make a swim for it. Oh, she had no idea she could have so much fun like this before now.

When she dropped her body into the water, Allen grabbed her and wrapped his biceps gently around her. "Well you're about to find out, you hot little toddy." Allen picked the little one up closer to his six foot height and pulled her tight. He planted a hard kiss right on her sweet lips. One that lasted for what seemed like an hour. When he had to take a breath, he pulled back. "And that's only the appetizer."

When he broke the kiss, not only was Shay breathless, but her lips were swollen... not that she was going to complain. In fact, she did the opposite and looped her arms around his neck with a grin. "That was... some kiss," she said softly, holding on to him. "Would it be wrong if I asked you to do that again?"

"It would be wrong if I didn't," said Allen quietly, as Shay was closer to him now with her arms around his neck. He was loving this. A lot. A wide grin spread across his face as he slowly moved towards her. And once again, kissed her. Hard. Allen kept it shorter this time. "How do you like the appetizer, Shay?"

Shay shivered against him despite being in the warm water. She definitely wasn't cold, though. "I like it. A lot," she said softly, leaning in to kiss him again. It wasn't as hard as the two he'd given her, but it was just enough to make him want more as she pulled back.

"Oh you, get back here with that," said Allen. He smiled and leaned in, gently kissing her as she did him. "You know, I like the appetizer, too." He winked at her. "So much for the swim, huh."

"What swim?" Shay asked softly. He certainly was quite the distraction, and that's just what was needed after all they'd been through.

Allen winked and made his way back to where his feet could touch the sand on the bottom. When he did, he sank them both to where the water was just at their shoulders. Allen put his arms around Shay's back and rubbed. "Mmm, wow. Where. Have. You. Been?" He brought her in for another, easy kiss. "Yeah, what swim?"

Shay returned the kiss and smiled, her arms still looped around his neck. Given his size, she was quite easy to maneuver, and showed no signs of wanting to resist. "I've been on the ship... in your department. We just never had the chance to encounter one another this way before now. Though... now... I'm wondering why that is. You're quite different than the rumors portray you to be, but, I can definitely see you being quite the ladies man. As a huge flirt if nothing else."

"I've seen you around before, but like you said, nothing like this," said Allen. But if I were to wager a guess as to why, probably because we've busy with our jobs." He paused and thought about her words for a second...quiet the ladies man, huge flirt. Yeah, that was him. But... "Thanks. Rumors can be pretty bad. I mean, once, I was telling a story about jell-o and got called away. You should have heard the rumors that got back to me after a few days."

"I don't think I've heard that one, but now, I'm not going to pay attention to them. You're really nothing like they portray you to be," she said, smiling at him.

Allen smiled back and moved in for another kiss, like his first one. "Thanks, Shay. Not too many people see past the rumors. Of course, not too many get this close, either," he said. He rubbed the tip of his nose to hers, winked, then pulled her to him. "Or this close."

Shay was positively smitten with the muscled man who had his arms around her presently. He was so different from the way he was talked about on the ship, and that angered her. No one deserved to be talked about that way, and she planned to do something about it if the crew ever made it back together. "Then I consider myself to be very lucky, then, and I'm glad you're willing to let my lack of blonde hair slide."

"Honey, with a body like yours, I'd let almost anything slide by," Allen said. "Besides, you've done an excellent job of convincing me of the errors of my ways."

Shay smiled, keeping her arms looped around his neck. To those around them, they looked just like another couple enjoying themselves on a gorgeous day. "You flatter me, Allen, but your body is by far superior to mine in so many ways. I'm sure that's not lost on you, though," she said unable to resist squeezing one of his massive biceps. "I'm quite glad I've shown you the error of your ways, though, because I have a feeling I'll get to reap the benefits of that."

He chuckled, "No, it's not lost on me." He drew her in for another kiss. This time, it lasted a little longer. He finally pulled back and looked into her eyes. "You know, hot stuff, that can be more than just a feeling. That can be a reality."

After returning the kiss, she ran her fingernails over the back of his neck gently. "It can, huh? Should we head back and start grabbing our things, then?'

Allen grinned and put his hands on Shay's waist. "Got mine." He winked at her and stood up, still holding her. Allen quickly made his way around Shay and hoisted her out of the water and over his head, sitting her on his shoulders. "C'mon, let's go."

Shay grinned when she found herself settled on his shoulders. Never in her life had she ever had anyone move her around like she weighed nothing. This was a definite first, and she found that she kind of liked it. "So, where do you want to go? My place or yours?" She asked, glancing toward the area where Ricardo and Maria had been sitting, but they were gone now. "Looks like we've been left to our own devices, too."

Allen looked up as he walked out of the water and onto the beach. "Yeah, I think we have. Those two have taken off already. Sooo, as far as whose place... it might be best we stay open on that. Just in case, you know what I mean?" He didn't know Maria that well, but knew Ricardo well enough.

"You're probably right about that," she said, pointing toward her bag and the beach blanket that was still laid out on the sand. "All I need to do is grab that, then we can go wherever you want."

Allen chuckled. Wherever he wanted, eh. Once they were over at her beach blanket and bag, he knelt so that she could slide off his back. "Well, we can still go to one of our places. Just might want to quietly check first. Unless there's something obvious, like a lock-out on the door."

Shay settled back down on the ground and grabbed the blanket, making quick work of folding it up and tucking it into the bag. She was so enamored with Allen, she didn't even notice that Maria had grabbed her things already before she made her escape. "Do you want to grab some food on the way?"

Allen watched Shay as she picked up the blanket, and whistled. "We can do that, if you're hungry," he said quickly. "What did you have in mind?"

"I am a bit, and based on your size, I'm going to need all the energy I can get," she said with a grin. "I'm not real familiar with the area, so what do you think of some bar food?"

"Bar food sounds good to me," replied Allen. "And yeah, we should get you energized. I could chase you around the room for...hours." Allen returned her grin, but added a wink to it.

Shay laughed. "I'm sure you could. With your appearance outside of a uniform, you've definitely built up your stamina."

Allen grinned and put his hands behind his head, flexing. "I have you idea what you're talking about, Shay-baby."

"Mmhmm... sure you don't," she said with a grin as she reached out to given one of his massive biceps a squeeze. They were enormous. "I don't stand a chance not being caught by you, and you know it. That's okay, though. I'm okay with you catching me."

Allen grinned and quickly ran to her. Even with her bag in hand, he picked her up and spun her in a circle before setting her down. He pulled her in and said, "Caught ya. Again."

Shay let out a startled squeal, that quickly turned to laughter. "So you did," she said with a smile. "What are you going to do with me now?"

Allen pulled Shay in for his trademark hard kiss. A few seconds later, he released her moistened lips. Then be quickly looked around to make sure she had everything and scooped her up into his arms. Allen started towards the boardwalk, where he was going to set her down. "Next, we're going to get you some energizing bar food."

"I like the sound of that, big guy," she said, grinning up at him as he carried her once again. Shay could her used to it. "Then, once we've eaten, it's back to wherever we want for whatever we want."

"Oh you bet your sweet little backside, Shay," said Allen as he stepped up on the wooden walkpath. He set her down, walked up beside her, and put his arm around her shoulders. "To the bar!"


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