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Goodbyes Are Never Easy

Posted on 10 Apr 2017 @ 1:34am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Joey Geisler

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: New Bajor - Crash Site
Timeline: MD 18 || 1300 Hours

Joey approached the final resting place of the Black Hawk with a broken heart, trying to keep her emotions in check. Harvey had shown her pictures the day before, but that was nothing compared to seeing it in person. This... this... she didn't even have words. The ship was broken, bruised and battered. Pieces of her were missing, debris was undoubtedly scattered about for miles. This... it would take Starfleet a long time to actually get things cleaned up, but the site was secure so the crew could come in and salvage what they could as far as their personal belongings went.

She was oblivious to what was going on around her, or the fact that Rico and Pequeno were scenting the air around them. If the outside of the ship looked like this, there was no telling what the inside looked like. But... she would be finding out soon enough.

None of it seemed real.

Mila stood beside of Joey and looked at the broken ship sadly; it had been her home for months and now it was so much debris and would never fly again. She reached out to gently lay a hand on Joey's shoulder. "They cannot be taking memories from us," she said softly.

"No, but this..." Joey said, choking up a bit before she could finish speaking. The Black Hawk hadn't been her home as long as some of the others, but it was the first assignment where stability was within reach... where she'd made friends with those who were standing with her to help her gather hers and Harvey's belongings... where she met the love of her life. Those were all things that she'd hold in her memories forever, but it still stung.

Ricardo stood near the two women with an antrigrav cart with some tools and several carryalls on it that would be needed for moving the things that Joey had wanted.

Allen stood by, a large bag slung over his shoulder, and simply stared. He couldn't believe what he saw, what he was walking on. The ship was a mangled mess.

Joey wiped a stray tear from her cheek with the back of her right hand. "I guess we better get this over with," she said softly, making her way toward the fallen ship.

"Da, I am knowing," Mila said as she pulled out a tricorder and began to scan the ship to find the safest and easiest way in. After a moment, she pointed to a large gap in the hull. "We are to be going in that way," she said. "Is relatively clear."

Ricardo activated the antigrav cart and headed behind the two women. He looked over at Allen. "Man....this is unreal. That must have been a hell of a battle."

"No kidding," Allen said. He stepped over a few things before he gave up and started stepping on them. "She looks like she took a major beating."

While Gutierrez and Miller talked, Joey kept her eyes locked on the path ahead of them as they made their way through the ship. Rico and Pequeno were still outside in the care of Sanchez, who had just finished grabbing what she could. With a grimace, she pulled her sling off and tried to straighten it out. It still hurt, but she needed to use both of her arms for this.

"You are to be putting that much on right this instant," Mila told her with a frown. "We are not needing you to be getting hurt again. You will do no lifting, either. That is what Ricardo and Allen are being here for."

Ricardo nodded. "She's right, Joey. We already told you we'd be the muscle," he said as he guided the cart over the uneven surfaces.

Allen hefted the pack higher on shoulder. "Exactly. Listen to what the senior-most enlisted person on the crew says. She's used to to dealing with Captain's, after all."

With a sigh, Joey put the sling back on. She had a feeling that was going to happen, but at least she tried. "You can't blame me for trying," she said. "I won't take it off again."

"Good," Mila said before she took a breath and entered the ship, the debris and wreckage giving her a feeling of sadness and anger as well as a feeling of disgust at how disorderly everything was. This wasn't the ordered, well maintained ship that she had come to know. No, this was a derelict that had been cut down before it's time and the anger welled up again as she kicked a piece of something out of her way. "I would not wish to be telling....telling...." The Russian Yeoman stopped suddenly and threw her head back in a scream that echoed in the empty corridors.

Joey mirrored Mila's anger, but she couldn't scream. She couldn't do anything but continue moving forward, nudging things out of her way as she went. This wasn't how things were supposed to be. They weren't supposed to lose their home at the hands of the enemy. Guilt ate away at her. While she was on the planetary base failing miserably at the task she'd been given, the remainder of the crew had been here... fighting with everything they had to make a difference. And they'd done that. The Consortium had fallen... thanks to the ships that fought... the teams that boarded DS11.

She shook her head. Joey was the reason her team wasn't successful. That was her cross to bear... something she would have to live with for the rest of her life.

"Wha...?" Ricardo started to ask, but then he understood when he saw the condition of the interior.

Allen stepped in behind Ricardo. The inside of the ship was... he couldn't find the right words. Nothing he thought of could describe the chaos, havoc, and destruction that he saw.

The more twisted metal... debris... downright destruction she saw, the more rage built up inside of her. Joey led the way through the corridor, feeling a torrent of hate boil inside of her. What she needed was a few minutes to herself so she didn't take things out on anyone she cared about. Without a word, she pulled a hatch open to a Jeffries tube and disappeared inside, pulling it closed behind her.

"Joey..." Mila started to say more before her sestra made an abrupt turn and went into the Jeffries Tubes. She looked at her tricorder and it indicated the way they had been going was the one with least resistance. "You two are to be staying here," she said to Ricardo and Allen before she opened the hatch and went in after Joey.

"Joey?" she asked in the dark before she activated a wrist lamp and shined it around. "Is something you are needing this way?"

"Yes," the injured woman said simply, still moving in the direction of up. "Take Gutierrez and Miller and get to deck five to get what you can from your quarters. I'll meet up with you."

Mila made a sound like a grunt before she tapped her combadge =^=Miller, Gutierrez, please be meeting me on deck five=^= She secured her tricorder and began to climb up after Joey. "I am not to be leaving you alone," she said.

"I need a little time alone. Please," Joey pleaded.

"Please, Joey," Mila said in a pleading tone. "I am just being worried for you safety."

"I promise you I'll be fine," the taller woman assured her as she continued climbing up the ladder. Joey was trying so hard not to completely lose her mind right now, and the last thing she needed to do was argue about needing some time to herself. "We'll meet up on deck two when you're done. I promise you that I'll be there. Go. Allen and Ricardo don't know where they need to be."

"Very well," Mila said reluctantly before she remembered something and reached down to take a small chip out of a pouch. "Here," she said as she handed it up. "Is being transporter chip. I am bringing them so we are able to leave ship easier."

Joey stopped to accept the chip from Mila, and though the shorter woman couldn't see it, she was smiling. "Thank you. I'll meet up with the three of you soon." With that, she began her ascent one again, pushing things aside as she went.

=^=Deck five. Got it=^= Ricardo said before he looked over at Allen. "Change of plans, I guess. C'mon." He moved the antigrav cart around and took out his tricorder to scan ahead before he headed down the corridor.

Allen shrugged and put the pack's straps on both shoulders, letting it hang down his back. "I guess so," he said. He fell in behind Ricardo. Allen trusted his friend to not lead him where he might fall in or worse.

Ricardo headed down the corridor until they came to a another hole that was blasted in the side of the ship for two decks. He stopped and looked at the tricorder, then looked up. "I love antigrav carts," he said as he stopped it and climbed on. "Get it a little push forward and get on, buddy," he told Allen.

Allen looked at Ricardo and shook his head. "Even in a, you're too good." Allen gave the antigrav cart a push forward and then hopped on. "Hey, not so bad. Good idea you had there."

"That's why I have a higher rating, Miller Time," Ricardo said with a smirk as he increased the power to the cart and it started to rise up through the hole in the ceiling above them.



Joey came to a hatch on deck four and pushed it open. It was a big difficult considering there were crushed panels strewn about behind it. After using a bit of force, she climbed onto the deck and shined her wrist light around. She was foolish to think this deck looked any better than the others. It was in bad shape, but that wasn't going to deter her from getting to her office. There wasn't much there that she wanted aside from a few pictures of her family, and while she could have them replaced easily enough, the originals were important.

She climbed over some panels that were blocking her way and moved forward, unwilling to let anything stop her from reaching her destination. If nothing else, Joey was determined. Those who knew her, knew that to be truth.

The Security officer paused and shined her light down the corridor to assess her present situation before taking a step forward. She stopped when she caught movement up ahead, but whatever it was was too far for her to make out. "Who's down there?" Joey called out, wondering if one of the crew had the same idea that she had. "I can help you."

With her brows furrowed, Joey pressed forward after waiting a minute or so for an answer, but nothing came. Perhaps, it was all just a figment of her imagination. Now, she didn't have far to go before she made it to Security. Just a few more yards.

Off to her side, something was knocked over. She jumped, gasped and quickly moved her light in that direction, only... there was nothing there. Her pulse quickened, and the need to get the hell out of dodge played like a mantra in her head. There was something not quite right about this.


He failed at his own attempt to take his life, and the bastards of medical had managed to repair most of the damage he'd done to himself. There was so much chaos as the call to abandon ship came through. So much so, that the call had been made to stop working on him and leave him behind. He didn't remember much, struggling to get off the bed once sickbay had cleared and finding a space safe enough to keep him alive for whatever happened next.

It worked.

True evil never died. It festered like an untreated wound, and he epitomized evil. A man who had more lives that the average cat. A man whose hate for those who wronged him ran so deep it kept his heart pumping with pure rage and vengeance. Now, all he had to do was bide his time...

A clatter... down the corridor. Someone was here? Now? No one had bothered with this deck since they came through. He spotted the light and watched it move, shielding his eyes when it turned in his direction as he moved across the hall to hide. Then he heard it. A woman. Not just any woman... it was her!

He heard her coming his way, and that got his adrenaline pumping. The man let the feeling of redemption course through him. Flexing his fists, he listened as each footstep got closer, then turned to prepare to strike. Without a light of his own, he didn't see the panel off to his left and knocked it over. He mentally cursed and kicked it into high fear.

Jackson leapt out of his hiding place and lunged at Joey, catching her completely by surprise. She hit the ground and shined her light toward her assailant just before a look of pure horror crossed her features. A large fist connected with her jaw, and the pain immediately registered, but she wasn't going to let him best her. She couldn't. Drawing her right arm back, she brought the wrist light to the side of his head and cracked him right in the temple.

It made a sickening sound, and it was enough to knock him off of her. There was no time to waste. He couldn't be allowed to gather his bearings. Joey quickly pulled her arm from the sling she wore and got it around his neck. She could feel him tugging and clawing at it, which only drove her to pull tighter. This wasn't happening. Not now.

With her right hand holding the sling, she felt around for anything around her to use as a weapon, but there was nothing. Joey felt him move and let out a curse, driving her fist into the side of his head. There was no way he was going to be allowed the chance to get her again. She listened as the gagging and choking began to ebb, then was left in total silence for a moment as she placed two fingers against his neck.

No pulse.

Still... she didn't trust that.

Joey made her way to Security to get the pictures from her office, then stopped at the armory to grab a phaser. After checking the power cell, she returned to the place where she'd left Jackson and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw he was still there. But... wait... did he just move? She quickly thumbed the setting to sixteen at narrow beam and fired at the man, completely vaporizing him. There was no coming back this time. True evil was finally gone.

She collapsed to the ground and let out a gut wrenching sob as the spent phaser clattered to the ground. The nightmare that came in the form of the sadistic Marine was finally over. He wouldn't hurt anyone anymore.

After a few minutes of weakness, Joey rose to her feet and made her way back down to the hatch she came out of, then quickly made her way down to deck five where Mila was with Ricardo and Allen. She was going to have to explain things, and began to mentally prepare herself to do so.


It had taken Mila a bit longer than she wanted to get to Deck Five where her quarters were since Ricardo and Allen had gone ahead and she was surprised and amused that they had taken the antigrav cart up two decks. She started to ask them why they didn't take the turbolift shaft when she saw Joey coming down the corridor. "Joey! Are you..." she paused as the light from her wrist lamp lit Joey's face and she saw the growing bruise. "What happened?" she asked as she moved to meet her sestra halfway.

Joey shielded her eyes from the light shining her way as she squinted. "I ran into someone that's been a thorn in my side since we took down the Chimera and Cochrane. It's been taken care of," she said in an emotionless tone.

"Someone is being on ship that is causing problems?" the Russian woman nearly exploded. "I am leaving you alone for five minutes and you are being hurt again? I am not to be leaving your side from now on. Come, come," Mila urged her as she took her good hand and tugged her back to where Ricardo and Allen were waiting. "I am knowing that I am bringing medkit for good reason. Sit!"

"Don't order me around!" Joey snapped. Her stress level was incredibly high, and pain was beginning to set in. After am, her sling was gone now. Still, she sat down and brought her hand to her cheek.

Ricardo got the medkit out and offered it to Mila. "Shit, you don't mean....?" he started to ask.

"Jackson!" Mila spit the word out before Ricardo could finish his question. "I was thinking he died on ship after he tried to be using me as bomb!"

Joey blinked. That must have happened... "What happened, Mila? I want to know everything."

"I will tell you in minute," Mila said as she realized what she had said. She pulled a hypo out and selected a mild painkiller and pressed it to Joey's neck. She took a breath and told her sestra what had happened from her point of view and ended it with Jackson being taken away after a failed suicide attempt. "After that, Harvey is telling me to get dogs and somewhere safe....then call to abandon ship came in."

Anger boiled inside of her as she listened to Mila tell her tale. Joey was angry at Jackson for refusing to stay down... at Mila and Harvey for not telling her before now... at the Consortium for causing her and the Black Hawk's to be homeless, without their careers and many other things. "He's not coming back to hurt anyone this time."

"He is being dead?" Mila asked.

"Serves him right," Ricardo said. "How the hell did he survive the ship going down?"

"Yes. He's dead," Joey said, keeping her tone void of emotion. "I don't know how he survived. We weren't exactly discussing details over tea."

Allen couldn't believe everything he was hearing. He wished he'd been with the Lieutenant when she had to battle Jackson. He'd have really let the man have it. And then she could have done him in. But the news from Rasputin... He was glad Jackson was gone. He unzipped his uniform coat and removed it, forming a make-shift sling. "Here," he said, "I haven't seen your old around yet. This should work until we can get you a real one."

"Thank you, Allen," she said, shivering when he mentioned her old one. Joey cleared her throat. "I left it wrapped around his neck when I vaporized him."

Mila blinked as she ran a tricorder over Joey to see if she had any other wounds. "You are strangling and vaporizing him?"

"Yes," Joey answered. "I didn't trust him to stay dead, so I did the only logical thing. Have you gathered up all of your things yet so we can finish up with the rest? I have decided to get Harvey's original command chair, too."

Mila looked at the others. "No one is to be saying anything about him ever being here. Joey was hurt in accident, da?"

"Da," Ricardo said.

"Yes, of course," replied Allen.

"Then let us be getting to my quarters, then we are up to deck two and bridge," the Russian Yeoman said before she put the hypospray and medical tricorder back in the kit and turned to lead the way to her quarters.

Joey let Mila do her thing before she rose to her feet again. She didn't like the idea of lying to anyone, but no matter what, she wasn't lying to Harvey. "Let's go."

It was a short distance to her and Aidan's quarters, but she couldn't get the door open manually. Mila turned and looked at Ricardo and Allen. "Could one of you please be opening door?" she asked them.

Ricardo looked at Allen. "Since it was my idea for the antrigrav cart, I'll let you handle this one, Miller Time."

"Seriously, Baby Face?" Allen looked at Ricardo with a 'what-in-the-world-dude' look on his face. "What do you want me to do, pry it open with my bare hands?"

Mila grunted. "Never be minding," she said as she went to the cart and dug around in a bag. Finally, she pulled out a Type II phaser that she had in it, set the setting up to sixteen and vaporized it. She put the spent phaser back in the bag and walked through the hole.

Her quarters were a shambles and she tried not to think of everything that had happened as she took a bag from the cart. Chow's bed looked as if it had been half burned in some fire and the bedroom was pretty much a write off, so she headed back into the living room. There, she found her Russian nesting dolls that had somehow stayed in one piece and padded them with a lavender top she found before she packed them in the bag. Next was the plaque that she had made for Aidan, her poker championship award and her vest. She gave a sad sign and turned back for the door.

"Now to deck two," Mila said.

Allen took a quick look inside just to see how bad the damage was. He shook his head as he realized his quarters probably weren't in any better condition. As he was about to back out of the doorway, something brightly colored caught his eye. "Um, Senior Chief, it looks like there's a picture on the floor. The frame looks broken from what I can see and the picture is hanging out. I can't tell if it's torn or not. You want me to grab it?"

The Russian turned around and looked, then went back in to pick the picture up. It was the one that Aidan had painted of her and brought back many memories. She smiled and removed the frame before she set it down again, then came back out with the painting. "I am thanking you," she said. "Is anyone else wishing to be going to their quarters other than Joey?"

Joey stood outside in the dark corridor by herself. She didn't want to really be around anyone, but at the same time, she didn't want to be alone, either. It was quite the pickle she happened to be in. The last month was hell, and she found herself hoping... praying... that things would be better.

Ricardo came up to Joey when he saw that she wasn't talking or much. "Hey," he said in a low voice. "It's okay, Joey. Really, it is. I'm sorry the bastard got to you again, but he's gone forever now."

"I'm fine," she said simply as she adjusted her arm inside the makeshift sling.

"Why don't you hop on the cart?" Ricardo said. "A Queen like you deserves a hover throne."

Joey shook her head. "Thanks, but I'm capable of walking. I'm going to walk ahead a bit. I won't be far," she said, walking down the corridor.

Allen looked at Ricardo and took a deep breath. He pulled his pack off his back and removed a wrist-light and a tricorder. "I'll go." Allen nodded toward Mila, "Senior Chief." Then he took after Joey, shining the light down the corridor. "Hey, mind a little light? And a tricorder for safety purposes."

"I have a light already, but I'm not going far," Joey said, keeping her gaze turned toward the darkness in front of her. She was feeling a lot like the corridor was. Dark, twisted, broken... maybe she would have been better off staying... No! She shook her head, refusing to let her mind go down that path. Things were uncertain, yes, but they would get better. They had to. The only way to go from rock bottom was up.

Mila led the way to a turbolift and checked the map on the tricorder. "If this is being right and nothing is being in the way, we can be getting up to deck two here." She manually cranked the doors open and shined her light up it and saw that it was clear. "Are you all being ready?"

Ricardo nodded. "Yup. We can take the hovercart up the shaft two at a time and I'll bring it back down to collect the rest."

"I'll climb," Joey said. Thanks to Mila, she was feeling no pain, and that was a good thing.

"I will be doing same," Mila said, wanting to make sure Joey didn't fall. Not that the slender Yeoman could do much, but she would try her best if that did happen.

Ricardo nodded and pushed the antigrav cart into the open shaft and looked at Allen. "C'mon, amigo. The ladies want to climb."

Allen looked over. "Well alright. Let's do this," he said.

Joey moved onto the ladder of the and began to climb her way up. While Ricardo had a pretty amazing idea with the antigrav cart, she just preferred to huff it. There was something about working up a sweat that helped when one was troubled. Maybe that was why she spent so much time in the gym until recently. It seemed she was always troubled. "Mila... you don't have to climb with me. I'll be okay," she said, wondering if anyone was buying it.

"Is good exercise," Mila told her as she began to climb behind her. "I am sitting on backside so much in Admin that ass is turning flat and square."

Ricardo waited for Allen to get aboard, then he increased the antigrav on it and began to raise it up slow enough to keep pace with the women. "We should have brought those old rocket boots."

"Ohh, that would've been sweet!" exclaimed Allen. "Rocket boots in a place like this...yeah." He held on to the edge of cart as it continued to go up.

Joey continued her climb in relative silence. She couldn't help but think about the state she'd find everything in... or what was going to be broken beyond repair. Maybe her little wooden figurine survived. After Harvey packed it up for her at the party, she'd been unable to take it out again for display. In fact, she'd taken a few of her treasured breakables and packed them the same way before tucking them somewhere safe. Those would be the first things she checked on for peace of mind, then everything else would follow.

Mila climbed up behind her with the two Security officers floating up on the cart beside of them exchanging muted conversation and speculation. When they got to deck two, she looked up. "Can you be getting turbolift door open, Joey?" she asked her softly.

Without a word, she pulled a panel from the wall and let it fall down the shaft as she reached in to pull the lever that manually opened the door. Joey climbed through and onto deck two, shining her light around a bit. This deck fared no better than others, which meant quarters were going to be a bad shape. She found herself mentally preparing herself for what she was going to find as she began to make her way to her former home.

Mila climbed out after she did, then reached out to help Ricardo get the antigrav cart through the door.

Ricardo took the offered hand and was grateful that he no longer had several decks of open air under him. He saw the debris and wreckage and just shook his head. " believe that Starfleet fought Starfleet and caused this..." He sounded like he were going to be sick as he stepped off of the cart and motioned for Allen to join him.

Allen slipped off the cart and simply shook his head at the devastation. He could find no words to describe the scene or how he felt. Well, other than devastation. "I hope we never have to go through something like that again. Fighting against fellow Fleeters, I mean."

Joey made it to the door to the quarters she shared with Harvey and got the door open the same way she'd done with the turbolift. While the others did their thing, she moved inside and took a look around. The place was a total wreck. Not a single thing was where it should have been, and that brought a frown to her lips.

Without waiting, she made her way to the bedroom to the closet. A few things fell out at her when she opened the door, but all she did was step aside and let it hot the floor. Joey pulled a small trunk from the shelf that managed to wedge itself in and breathed a sigh of relief. Still, she wouldn't be completely satisfied until she opened it, which she did after bringing it to the bed. The contents were safe, and that brought tears of happiness to her eyes.

Mila paused at the entrance to Harvey and Joey's quarters and looked in, memories of the balloon and water gun fight they had. The talks she had with Harvey there and the memories that were surely made in that room. She didn't feel right by going in without invitation, so she just stayed in the doorway. "If you are needing help, be letting me know Joey," she called out.

"Come on in," the taller brunette said as she said as she made her way out of the bedroom to set the small trunk down. Joey went to retrieve a larger one that didn't belong to her and opened it. Everything looked okay on the inside as she moved things around while shining the light inside. She began to carefully pack his books inside and grabbed any pictures he might have had on his desk, which were on the floor now. In fact, anything she felt was important around the desk made it inside. "This is Harvey's."

She entered and looked around. "Is there anything you are needing me to be helping you with?" she asked before she saw a few scattered bits of loose blue rubber. She went over and kneeled down, scraping together several fragments until she saw they were the remains of the balloons that had been burst in his quarters. She scooped them up and carried them to Joey. "Here. I am thinking he is to be wanting these."

Joey took the remnants of the water balloons from Mila and tucked them inside the trunk along with the only water gun that managed to survive the crash. "In here somewhere, there is a blanket. It's mostly blue with different colored hibiscus flowers on it. That needs to get packed."

"Would that not be in bedroom?" Mila asked, not willing to violate her and Harvey's private sanctuary.

"No... I had it on the couch out here," the taller of the two women replied as she shined her light round. Joey grabbed a few other things she knew Harvey might want, then placed them into the trunk before closing it up. There wasn't much more to get now. "I have a few more things to grab for myself, then we can go."

Mila turned in another direction and spotted something colorful jammed behind the small table and went over to it. She pulled the table aside and leaned down, then shined the light on it again. "I think I am finding it," she said as she leaned down to gently pull it out. It had been half covered in some type of liquid and was soaked, but it didn't appear to be damaged other than that. "Is being wet, though."

"How..." Joey started to ask, then shook her head. There was no telling how that happened, but she'd take care of it when there was chance to. "It's okay. There should be a bag around here somewhere that you can put it into. I'll have it cleaned as soon as I can."

Mila finished pulled it out and then saw a couple bowls that clearly weren't designed for humans. "I think I am finding culprit that is wetting bedding," she said as she held the bowls up for Joey to see.

"Thankfully, it's only water. I think anything else would have ruined it entirely," she commented as she shined her light around to search for a few more things. It wasn't long before she had everything she couldn't live without. When everything was packed away, Joey looked toward Mila. "I think that's everything. All the other stuff is replaceable."

The Russian woman nodded and went into the hall to get a bag from the boys and asked them to check the other quarters down the corridor for any signs of looters, then headed back in to bag up the blanket. "That is being all?" she asked.

"Yes. Anything else can be replaced," Joey said, closing the last trunk. It wasn't nearly as much as she thought it would have been. Three trunks total, not including the little one that he'd two priceless and very breakable things inside of it. "We're all set to go now."

"Then let us be getting boys and heading to bridge," Mila said as she called out. "Ricardo? Allen? Could you be helping us move trunks, please?"

Allen nodded at the Senior Chief's direction and went inside. He carefully picked up one of the trunks and took it outside.

Ricard came in and reached for one of the trunks and picked it up relatively easy. "I'll get this set up on the cart while Allen gets the other."

"Thanks for your help. All of you. It means a lot," Joey said as she ran a hand through her hair.

"It is being no problem, sestra," Mila said as she set the bag with the blanket on the cart. "And now to bridge, da?"

Joey nodded her head. "Yes, then we can go."

A while later, Ricardo finished helping load the Command chair onto the antigrav cart and wiped his brow. "I think if we have to get one more thing out of here, I'm going to need a raise," he joked.

Once everyone was in position, Mila activated the transporter chips and sent the antigrav cart first with a combadge on it to the shuttle pilot and once it was gone, she, Joey, Ricardo and Allen transported next. All in all, it had been a dramatic experience, but she knew goodbyes were never easy.


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