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New Old Friends

Posted on 07 May 2017 @ 4:54pm by Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant Danyl Adan

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Earth
Timeline: Shore Leave Backpost

Lieutenant Danyl Adan searched with his deep blue eyes for her in the bar, The Orchid Club. Where was she? She wouldn't recognize the recently joined Trill as she had known him as Jarveth. Being recently joined was confusing. Too many voices from past hosts crowding his brain.

Sitting down at the bar to be more noticeable, Danyl ordered a gin and tonic. He didn't know why other than Jarveth loved the Terran drink. Jarveth, in fact, loved everything about Earth, including its people. Taking a sip, Danyl frowned. My god! It tasted like a fricking pine tree laced with lime. It would take some getting used to and, if he were honest with himself, he'd have preferred an ale.

Cooper had gotten back to her camp from hanging out with her fellow shipmate Winchester and had about another day of peace and quiet running amok in the wilds before another com came in. This one she had to sit down for. She knew her dear friend Adan had gone and the symbiote was being reassigned but she never expected to see him again, indeed hadn't even been sure it would be a him this time who knew with trills?

She looked around at the peaceful scene of the river nearby, the little clearing and even the mountain in the near distance she planned on climbing and resigned herself to another hike to a transport. She wasn't going to miss this meeting for the world. She stood and again grabbed her backpack.

Sometime later that evening in another bar, this time in Louisiana, New Orleans she entered where the 'New Adan' as she mentally thought of him said he would be waiting. She hoped he was here because he didn't give much description over coms.

Danyl ordered another G and T. Instead of sipping this time, he gulped it. Nothing like a drunk recently joined Trill. Then, he spotted her, beautiful as ever. She was looking around to try and find him. He had given such a vague description of himself...a Trill with blue eyes. Without a second thought, he lept off the bar stool and rushed up to her.

"Coop!" he cried flinging both his arms around her and giving her a bear hug.

Cooper was surprised but only one person whom she didn't know what they looked like would likely hug her and call her that, she grinned. "If you're not Adan I'm going to reverse your puberty..." She said humor in her voice but yeah she maybe meant it.

Danyl broke away from her, a huge goofy grin still plastered on his face. "It's me," agreed he. "Adan in the flesh. What do you think?" He posed for her as if modeling the latest in Trill design.

Cooper knew about trills of course but it was still bit to get used to with the new face and all. She stepped back pretending to seriously consider, "Still not ginger eh?" She joked pointing to his coffee brown hair. "Shame..." She pretended to shake her head disappointed.

"I could color it if you prefer," said Danyl, not understanding the human humor or reference. "Do you think it would look good on me? Anyhow, what do you say we get a table and a couple of drinks?"

On the music system, a drumbeat started along with the riff of the keyboards. Then a female voice began to bemoan the improprieties of singles clubs like the Orchid Club.

"Oh, ah adventure
Very near and then you vanish
Rescue from invasion
Narrowly avoided
Have to live with nature
Hear a voice from a novel
Love persuasion

Very near and then you vanish
Some say he's too handsome
Some say he's unique
Steel the weave the night trick
Oh, ah the boy's herb
Vanilla, vanilla...."
Endangered species
Special of the week
Can't live without you
At the Orchid Club

Danyl swayed with the rhythm. He smiled even wider this time.

Cooper had shaken her head in reply to his hair dye question, making a mental note to explain later. She stepped back smiling just watching her new old friend sway, she couldn't remember the previous Adan just dancing to such music but then again they never got the chance to go out to do much dancing. They met not to long before constant combat and there had been little time for trips off the ship. The smile fell as she remembered her friends body and the funeral. She watched Danyl dance and a small, bittersweet smile appeared. Her friend lived on in the way of his people, that was something at least. She waved to a waiter for a few drinks as she leaned against the bar. "Got the moves eh?" She called, trying to shake melancholy memories of the past by focusing on the present.

Danyl nodded. "I know this isn't your kind of music, but don't you like the drum beat? It's like the rhythm of the jungle!"

Danyl grabbed his proffered drink off the tray the Andorian waitor carried and took a sip. "What did you order? It's not my usual gin and tonic, but it's delicious." He took a further sip.

"My usual..." Cooper said then smiled, "Something colorful." Then she asked curiously and understanding of the multiple meanings, "So what's new?". She relaxed into a chair. He felt like her old friend in the most important ways and she was grateful for that but understood she'd have to get to know him again. That was just fine by her, heck if it was different for her, it had to be weird for him at least somewhat as he worked stuff out.

Danyl sipped at the drink again. It was strange for him, sitting across from someone who seemed like an old friend that he knew well and yet things were different. Danyl's spots flushed a little. If Jarveth hadn't met Jarith, he might have taken an interest in her that went beyong friendship. Danyl wasn't sure how he felt now, a little goofy perhaps and a lot drunk.

"I'm still trying to get used to a lot of things," said he. "Perhaps you can help me along in that regard. I'm being reassigned for one thing from the Washington to who knows where. It's a little frightening for Danyl and intriguing for Adan. I cannot get used to the ambiguity."

Cooper gave a smile that was full of understanding and took as drink, "Yeah life is like that. Just try to keep in mind wherever you go, you're needed there in that place, at that time. And you always call me..." This time her smile was brighter, confident. "You're never alone you old geezer..." She joked.

Danyl returned the wide grin. "Thanks...I think." He laughed so that it actually reached his blue eyes. Picking up his drink,he added, "You're not alone either, Old Friend. As long as there is an Adan, male or female, you've got a friend." With that, he gulped his drink down.

Cooper smiled, "You remember 'you got a friend in me?'" She asked in joking challenge, her tone mischievous it was a song they'd often sung together along with others and in Cooper's case at least, not always on key.

Cooper grinned, this is one of the reasons she and Adan were friends, no matter how odd she was, he was right there keeping pace. She went to the musicians in the corner and explained, willing enough they played along.

In spite of himself, Danyl laughed. He chimed in with a rousing rendition of their favorite song. "Join me, Coop everybody, join me!"

As others picked up on the lyrics those willing, which seemed to be more than half the bar, joined in as Cooper threw her arm over Adan as they belted out a slightly off key but heartfelt rendition of You got a friend in me and Cooper could finally feel the knot of tension deep in her soul, finish unwinding. She paused during the musical solo to yell, "Drinks are on me!" to cheers before continuing on. However weird she was he could be just as odd in his own way, sometimes you just needed a friend like that.

Danyl felt good for the first time since joining. It was pure pleasure to be with his closest friend, Coop. He hoped against all odds that her quirkiness never faltered.


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