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Marching orders

Posted on 22 Apr 2017 @ 5:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Trill
Timeline: October 2388

Arjin took a sip of his tea whilst glancing trough the window towards the clear blue Trill sky. Although it was October, it was one of those late in the year summer days. With almost no wind and open skies. Inviting every one out, daring them to stay inside.

Staying inside is what he had done far too long lately. On the Black Hawk of course. But after its crash, it was inside the New Bajor hospital where his injuries had been treated.

He had been standing next to a transport console when the ship crashed. Breaking off at the base, it had trapped him underneath. Luckily there was no unrepairable harm done. The rescue team had been able to get him out and transported to the nearest hospital. The mending and recovering though had taken quite a while. Leaving him with not much time for real shore leave.

After he had been given a clean bill of health and not having heard of his parents checking on him, he decided to go visit his aunt and uncle on Trill. It was a visit that was long overdue any way.

Sipping at his tea again, Arjin shifted his gaze towards the greenhouse where his aunt stood working in her little vegetable garden. He exited the main house and strolled down the garden path till he reached the greenhouse, where he just stood and watched his aunt work.

“Stop staring Arjin and come in and help me if you would.”, the small figure inside spoke.

Arjin smiled. He had forgotten how his aunt always seemed to sense when he was close and watching her. Even when he was a child or adolescent and was living with them she had been able to.

“I always forget you have some kind of sensor array when it comes down to tracking my whereabouts.”, he said as he stepped inside.

He sat his mug down and gave the woman a big kiss on the cheek. The light in her eyes lit up as she turned around and handed him an eggplant to plant. “Yes.”, she replied. “I can always sense when your eyes are on me. Gazing around and over thinking things.”

He chuckled. “Well that would be a characteristic that runs in the family if I’m not mistaken. Where is uncle?”.

“He will be back soon. He went the city to get some power couplings for the heating system. He does not like to leave me alone and now that you are here, he decided it is time to get stuffs before the system breaks down for the winter.”

Arjin nodded as he pushed his hands into the black, moist soil. Making a hole and preparing it to put the eggplant into it. He could enjoy these little moments of routine handling without having to think things through. These moments were rare gems and meant to be treasured and savoured.

They stood working there side by side in silence until late in the afternoon. They watched as his uncle appeared from between two trees, carrying the repair pieces he needed with him. They both waved as they saw him. He smiled and waved back as he continued towards the main house to unload.

Only a few moments later his uncle rejoined both of them. He had a more serious look on his face than when he first came home. “Arjin, your comm which you left on the coffee table is sending out signals. I think you might have someone trying to reach you.”, he stated.

With a sigh I nodded. “All work and no play..... I better go see who it is.” I washed my hands at the sink in the back of the greenhouse and walked back inside the main house. The comm was making his usual sharp noise indeed. I picked it up and entered my code. Wondering what the message would be.

His eyebrow raised as he saw the message to be from a Vice Admiral he did not really know. A Z. O’Connell. He tapped the device to see what the Vice Admiral wanted from him.


To: Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx

From: Starfleet Command

RE: Assignment

You are hereby ordered to seek transit to Space Station Deep Space Nine for reactivation by Stardate 65834.2 (November 1, 2388). Senior officers will attend a mission briefing aboard Deep Space Nine with Vice Admiral O'Connell, Other personnel will be charged to report to the Chief of the Boat aboard the Starship USS Black Hawk for duty assignment.

Refusal to comply with these orders will prompt intervention by the Judge Advocate General's Office. Communication of delay or request for reassignment must be sent immediately to Starfleet Command, Department of Personnel.


Vice Admiral Z. O'Connell


“Well that does not make it much clearer.”, Arjin thought.

He pocketed the comm and went back to the greenhouse where his aunt and uncle stood waiting for him.
“New marching orders I’m afraid. And to get where I need to be in time, I will have to leave even as soon as tomorrow.”

They both nodded. Knowing there was nothing they could do to prolong my stay.

“I will help you pack.”, my aunt said.

“I will arrange transport to the landing platform for tomorrow.”, my uncle added. “You rest and enjoy your short time here. Let us arrange things.”

I wanted to object, but I knew it would be in vain. It was their way of coping with his next long absence. I thanked them both and went back to planting some more vegetables.

The next day arrived all too soon. As did the transport my uncle had arranged. I hugged them both and we said our goodbyes.”

“Don’t forget to send a message whenever you can.”, my aunt said.

“I will.”, I replied. Both knowing full well I sucked at keeping in touch.

“Take care Arjin.”, my uncle added. “see you home soon.”

“Soon.”, I replied. Both knowing it could be years before we saw each other in the flesh again.

I waved once and stepped inside the taxi. Elaborate goodbyes never ran big in our family.

It did not take that long to get from Trill to DS9. And when he sat foot on the station, he put on what he called his “Starfleet face”. Efficient, distant and untroubled.

His heart and mind saying otherwise. But when enlisted, you got to obey orders. There is no other way to it.

Awaiting the call for the meeting, he wandered onto the promenade and entered the famous Ferengi bar to have a drink and observe the crowd.


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