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That New Car Smell

Posted on 04 May 2017 @ 2:18am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Commander Thiago Teixeira & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Gemma Alexander & Lieutenant David Moreau Jr & Lieutenant Danyl Adan & Lieutenant Avery Stuart Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Felix Langston & Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester & Lieutenant JG Jennin Rhula & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: USS Black Hawk
Timeline: MD 1 || 1530 hours

Seven days aboard the Lakota meant nothing to Harvey Geisler. As he stood alone in the turbolift, allowing the pulses of the car in motion soothe over his nerves, Harvey realized how surreal this moment was. He'd seen many turbolifts in his years of service, but he still found himself missing the old Akira turboshaft. After all, what Captain could ever forget his first command?

The turbolift slowed to a halt. With a smooth whoosh, the doors parted, allowing Captain Harvey Geisler to see his bridge for the very first time.

And it was beautiful.

The design indicated that it was similar to the Sovereign class, down to many details. The only real difference was that there was a center seat and not accompanied by a command station for the XO and a third person. The XO's station was immediately to the Captain's left, and Security to the right.

As for the remaining details, the hustle and bustle of personnel around the command module was enough to block them. Most of the crew knew the departure time would be not too long after the ship arrived at Deep Space Nine. By the look of their activity, it seemed that they'd hoped they would have a few extra hours. Harvey, however, was ready to be on with it. Two months of shore leave was enough to dull anyone's senses, much less generate some rust around the edges.

There was also the matter that he was still a captain in rank only, and not position. The last time he took command, the crew of the Black Hawk held a ceremony on the Flight Deck. Harvey had tactfully used his position to avoid such a ceremony on this ship. For at least two hundred of the people aboard, the twinge of pain could still be felt. Many missed their old home, and Harvey was not about to rub salt in that wound. Still, he would host a reception in the ship's recreation area later. A celebration that would still be overshadowed by the past, but also by the unknowns of what awaited them.

In the absence of the ceremony, Harvey elected to officially take command of the ship from the bridge, something no doubt easily performed by a simple transfer of command codes. He took a step out of the turbolift, only making a couple paces forward before stopping at the edge of the turbolift alcove. For now, he would observe the bridge, observe the crew, and wait to be noticed.

Lieutenant David Moreau sat at the Security and Tactical console, his eyes going over the impressive offensive and defensive measures the Century class ship had. Three dorsal Type-XII Phaser Arrays, six ventral Type-XII Phaser Arrays, four forward and four after torpedo launches. four hundred Quantum and five hundred Photon Torpedoes and a complement of fifteen Tri-Cobalt Torpedoes. Regenerative shielding and more. Impressive, he thought to himself.

Like David, Joey was settled at the Intelligence station. Not a single time was she present in the bridge of the Akira class ship, but she'd graced the auxiliary bridge three times. Once when the Captain handed control over to her just before a senior staff briefing, and twice when she was the acting Chief of Security. One of those times ended with a console blowing up in her face. Still, that seemed like a lifetime ago.

Now, she was looking over a console she was completely unfamiliar with, but would learn her way around it in time. The same with her new role as the Chief of Intelligence. While she was happy to finally be back in duty, Joey still missed the original Black Hawk, and had a feeling that she would for quite some time.

Lieutenant Danyl Adan was seated at Ops on the bridge. The last time he had been on the bridge of the Black Hawk, he had been at the Flight Control. His last memories of the Jarveth host was dying beneath bulk head debris and Jarith Roshe rescuing him. He shut those thoughts out of his mind now and concentrated on his tasks at hand.

He was both surprised and thrilled that his request for transfer had been accepted by the Captain. He wasn't sure how folks would react to the Adan symbiant and it's new host. Danyl had the Trill spots, but his hair was darker and he had bright blue eyes. Also, his hands were not quite as slender as Jarveth's which were perfect for Flight Control.

When he'd first seen the bridge, before it was even installed, Teixeira had been dismayed by the lack of a central position for him. He'd been an XO for 8 years now and this was going to be the first time he wasn't seated directly next to the Captain. What he did like was that he had a full console of his own, instead of the smaller ones he was used to on previous assignments. From his console, he was able to maintain an eye on everything and it would allow him to quickly take over control of any other console if the need arose. And, given the Black Hawk's history, that would happen in due time.

Now he stood at the station, his station, leaving the stool tucked under the standing console. He had already configured it to his preferences: a systems status display and one-touch controls to quickly switch to replicate his stored preference for other primary consoles.

Thiago looked up from his console to see what the others were doing. It was then that he noticed Geisler standing there, taking it all in. Not wanting to force the Captain from his first look, Teixeira walked over, a smile on his lips. "She's something, isn't she?"

"She is indeed," Harvey said, smiling, enjoying the first look. Turning to his first officer, he added, "Thank you, Thiago. I know you gave up the Cochrane to be here. It... It means a lot."

"It wasn't a hard decision, Harvey. Not hard at all," he replied earnestly. "As I told you before, it's an honor to serve at your side." His smile broadening. "And I thought you could use a little stability. Someone has to break your habit of burning through Execs. It's a challenge I'm more than happy to take on."

The Captain could not stop his mind from thinking of Devries or Xiao or Mac. Mac... thought Harvey, wondering how his longest-serving XO was faring. Following their first couple bouts with the Consortium, the woman had opted to take a medical leave of absence. Perhaps their paths would cross yet again someday.

"Well, Mister Teixeira," Harvey said, nodding and tugging at the bottom of his uniform. "I believe we've got a mission to accomplish."

Arjin looked up from his science station when he heard the Captain's voice. He had been glad when he had boarded his new home. Everything was new and state of the art. Up to the latest specifications and standards. He had smiled from ear to ear when he had accessed the sennsor arrays from his new bridge console. With the new peak performances promised by the increase of efficiency, he hoped to make many more discoveries. To begin with the Finnean Convergence.

Lt. Felix Langston found himself at the helm once again. Compared to the original Black Hawk, this new ship was a sterling colossus, dwarfing the original in size and scope. While reading up on the old ship, he was impressed that she retained much of the maneuverability from the old Black Hawk and still had a few tricks to spare. He also found someone beside his station near the fore of the bridge. His console was smaller in layout than the original Black Hawk, but he found the compact design to be more beneficial to his duties. He went over the flight paths and eagerly awaited the famous order of "take us out."

===Flight Deck===

Terry had been walking around the cavernous Flight Deck and looking at their new fighters. They were amazing. Yeah, cosmetically, they looked excellent. But the loadout was something else. They had pulse phaser cannons and thirty-six micro quantum torpedoes. He had read the specs earlier, but nothing came close to seeing them in person. Honestly, he couldn't wait to get into the seat. Even a Combat Air Patrol around the new Century class would be worth it. He also liked the idea of a low powered tractor beam. One thing that he had never grown accustomed to was leaving disabled fighters to drift until the starship could tractor them into the bay. And then there was the upgraded power plant and increased speed.

He walked around to the Squadron Command Center in the middle of the Deck and almost ran into Alexander. "Oh, hey, sorry about that," he said. "Blind corner. So Lieutenant, first off congratulations. Second, what do you think of the birds?"

Alexander grinned, a broad and thrilled smile. A bit like a child might wear on a large present giving holiday. "Thank you Sir, bit of a surprise it was but thanks all the same. I'll try to do right by you." She promised. She had been surprised to get the promotion from Jg to Lt. during the leave but pleased at the esteem it meant they held her in. She knew the responsibility she now held and meant to do her best not to embarrass her family or Starfleet.

Then she glanced at the direction of the fighters and continued, "To be honest, It's better than every birthday I've ever had! Our old ones were grand and solid..." She said giving them their due, those fighters had done right by the previous Black Hawk after all, "but these...." She waved toward the fighters, with the hand not holding the PADD, as though the rest was self explanatory. She'd been spending her time aboard trying to link actual visuals with the data she'd been trying to study. Often with PADD in one hand and her head in some section or another. "When can we give them a go?"

"That, we'll find out when the time comes," Terry said. "If you're talking about combat. Standard patrol, or escort of the Black Hawk-A, or something like that, on the other hand...well," the large squadron commander grinned, "Alpha Flight might just find its way at the top of those lists. I'd like to get these fighters in air, too. How does that sound?"

"Sounds grand, for now I'd just like to stretch our legs. While I'm happy to finish any fight I'd just as soon not get shot at given a choice." She said with a rueful smile and shrugged.

Terry grinned. "I understand that, Lieutenant," he said. "The last one was a rough ride. I'm glad we had two months of down time to rest and refresh. Strapping one of those on for a patrol would be a great way to ease back back into it. And get to know how they handle."

Gemma nodded in agreement, "I was just heading to drool over them some more, care to join me Sir?"

"You know, I believe I will," said Terry. "I wouldn't mind giving them a good once over from the outside."

Aurilia entered the Flight Deck and looked at the shiny Gryphon class fighters and gave a low whistle of appreciation. "Wow....we certainly got an overhaul, didn't we?" she asked of no one as she approached one of the sleek fighters and did a walk around.

===Sick Bay===

Jayla had been in Sick Bay for nearly forty-five minutes now. Once the briefing had concluded, she had hurried from the room, carefully not making eye contact with anyone and immediately gathered her things and moved them to the Hawk.

Since then, she had spent all her time in Sick Bay, checking on the inventory and making sure all the equipment was in working order. Unlike most people in Starfleet, she had never thought of any of the ships to which she was assigned as 'home.' Home was Trill and always would be. She did, however, have a certain fondness for all the ships on which she'd served, and had a special place in her heart for the old Black Hawk.

But, it was hard to compete with this Sick Bay. The lab was much bigger, for one thing; she thought about what it would have been like to examine that nasty virus in there instead of the tiny one on the old Black Hawk. There were also more private exam rooms, more bio beds, more equipment. She had actually afforded the main room as a whole a small smile- the first genuine smile she'd produced in weeks.

It's just too bad nobody had seen it.

Rhula wasn't impressed. Having been stationed on Bajor, he'd made trips to and from DS9 multiple times. This meant he'd seen numerous Starfleet ships. The Century-class just just another ship. While others on the shuttle up from Bajor had ooooh'd and aaaaah's, he had just buried his face deeper into his book.

But that was this morning. Now that the Bajoran had entered Sickbay, he was in awe. The Starfleet operated hospital he'd been stationed at on Bajor was fairly new, having been completed just seven years previous. "Impressive," he exclaimed, not aware he'd vocalized it.

Luc had spent the last twenty minutes looking over their new, and improved, sickbay, which was thankfully empty of patients. The big man hoped that would be the case for some time to come short of the minor issues they had to deal with on a day to day basis. Behemoth wished he had more time to get to know his new surroundings, but there would be time for that in the future. Now, he had other things ton worry about, such as helping the CMO.

Dani made her way into main sickbay where the others were and looked around. Unlike the others, she was just arriving, and had to stop short to take it all in. She had no words to describe what she saw in front of her, but her blue eyes were wide as she stood there in total awe.

Lieutenant Jarith Roshe entered Sickbay and was instantly impressed. This one far outweighed the previous one on the former Black Hawk. Everyone who entered for the first time was in awe of it. He was no exception.

"I see the medical facilities are just as impressive as the counseling. department," Avery replied, walking into the main ward where she found several people looking in awe at their new work spaces. Stewart laughed. "It's a good thing we're living in space. If we were living outside on a planet right now, I'm pretty sure we'd end up with bugs in our moths because our jaws are hanging open."


Shay stood in the middle of the main part of the Security complex just to take it all in. She'd tried to beat everyone else there just to have the opportunity to be able look everything over, and the young woman was definitely not disappointed. There was still quite a bit to see as far as the ship went, but that would have to wait. For now, she was more than content to get to know her new surroundings.

Walking in, Winchester just stood, still as a mouse, taking in the view. To him, it was very impressive, but also in the same stance, it was just a collection of walls, bulkheads, circuits, lights, things like that. The real strength lay in the people he would be serving with. Taking a few more steps, he said aloud, to no one in particular, "Sure is a nice place, aint it"?

Allen Miller had just left the locker room a few minutes ago. That, in itself, crazy huge. But then, so was whole ship. When he entered the main complex, he whistled. It looked nice. He saw and Winchester and Shay. "Hey Shay," he said. He grinned and strolled up to one of the tables, stretching.

"It certainly is," Shay said, smiling toward Winchester before she spotted Allen walking in. Her smile grew, but aside from that, she kept herself as professional as possible. "Hey, Miller."

Cooper entered and paused to the side of the door, her eyes skimming the room as they took in the new consoles, doors leading to areas she'd only seen on schematics then resting her shipmates. She nodded a greeting, "They certainly pulled out all the stops on this one..." She walked over and leaned on a nearby wall, resisting the urge to sit cross legged on the nearest table rather well.

Winchester just leaned back against a nearby wall, studying those who were present in the room, making mental notes about who he would be working with, at least those whose faces he did not recognize.


Harvey released a deep breath and took a step forward, leaving the turbolift alcove and heading for the center of the bridge, just in front of the Command Chair. The ensign at the Mission Operations station turned just in time to see the Captain do this, and quickly snapped to attention. "Captain on the bridge!" he called out.

As per tradition, Joey rose to her feet and came to attention when the Captain's presence was announced. It was almost time... almost time for them to embark on the next chapter of their journey in an area of space that still made her quite nervous. Regardless of that, she and the entire crew had a job to do, and based on past experience... they'd all do that job without question.

With one swift motion, Felix turned in his chair, rose to his feet and snapped to attention when the call was made. Being on the bridge to take the ship on its maiden voyage was something he always wanted to do. Now, he got the chance to serve on one of the most advanced ships with one of the most decorated captains in Starfleet. He beamed with pride, in awe of the situation.

David came to his feet with surprising grace for such a big man when the call of 'Captain on the Bridge!' rang out. He turned to face the Captain and made a study of the man. It was the same one from the briefing on Deep Space Nine and now the man looked all business and David made it a mental to check the bridge sensors for all comings and goings from now on.

Rising to his feet, Lieutenant Danyl Adan felt privileged. He had served under Captain Geisler as his previous host and he felt pride welling in his chest now. He felt a little excited as he recognized other officers he had served with as Jarveth Adan as well...Teixeira, Felix, and Corwin. It was all a little overwhelming. The Symbiosis Commision hadn't planned on his being assigned to a ship where he had served with so many so quickly. They had thought he would have time to adjust. Adjust he would though as he focused his attention on what occurred on the bridge of the Century Class Black Hawk.

Arjin quickly stood to his feet. Standing at attention when the captain's presence was announced. He turned his attention towards Captain Geisler and waited for the ancient naval ritual to unfold.

Harvey grunted and smirked. He hated the maritime tradition of announcing the Captain's presence, but seeing how he had to officially assume command before they could depart, he allowed the tradition to continue uninterrupted. Taking his position just to the left of the chair, Harvey nodded to Teix so that the procedure could begin.

"Attention to Orders!" Thiago commanded. He waited a moment allow for the assembled crew to pause their duties. He picked up a PADD and began to read, "To Commander Thiago J. Teixeira, Acting Commanding Officer, USS Black Hawk. Stardate 65834.2. You are hereby requested and required to relinquish command of your vessel to Captain Harvey E. Geisler, Commanding Officer, as of this date. Signed, Vice Admiral Zachary O'Connell."

Setting his PADD back on his console, the Brazilian Commander continued, "Computer, transfer all command codes to Captain Harvey E. Geisler. Voice authorization: Teixeira-seven-zero-zero-nu-three-eight-theta-pi."

A chirp from the computer was followed by, "Transfer complete. USS Black Hawk now under command of Captain Harvey E. Geisler."

Using every bit of formality that he could express in his actions, Harvey approached Thiago and extended a hand for shaking. "I relieve you, Commander." He declared to his First Officer.

"I stand relieved," Teixeira accepted. "Welcome to your new home, sir."

Condemning formality, Harvey smiled, giving Thiago's hand a firm shake. In that moment, his two month furlough had officially ended. Captain Harvey Geisler had returned home, and Harvey couldn't be happier. Harvey wished he was less confused or worried, but he was still very much enthused to be on a real bridge again.

The turbolift doors to the bridge opened and Senior Chief Petty Officer Rasputin entered in time to see the exchange of command take place. She held a small brightly wrapped package in one hand and a slightly larger package in the other as she marched across the bridge to where Harvey was. "Captain," she said with a smile as she held the items out to him, the bigger one first. "On behalf of crew and in time honored tradition, I am presenting this to you."

Despite all of the progress he'd made over the last few months, becoming more tempered, friendly and excitable, Harvey found himself nervous in front of all of the crew, still standing at attention. Still, he could not ignore tradition. He chose not to disregard the traditions of his former command, and it his acceptance of them that ultimately saved his life. "Thank you, Senior Chief," he said, accepting the first package and beginning to open it.

Inside the larger package was a new cover with the Black Hawk-A emblem on it.

"Oh, yes," he said softly, seeing the familiar design of a gray cap, commonly referred to in the naval uniform code as a cover. He took a moment to study the embroidered patch on the front, its blue and gray colors perfectly complementing the calm, watchful head of a black hawk with the Century Class design projecting outward from under the neck. The Akira patch was mostly gray and featured a hawk with outstretched wings, ready to strike. To Harvey, the vigilant pose the hawk now took felt as though it was experienced, watching and waiting to serve, protect and explore. He could only hope that this mission wouldn't require force, especially to the degree they'd all felt necessary during the Consortium Crisis.

Without further hesitation, he handed the empty package back to Mila and placed the cover on his head. He'd also have to make sure that the entire crew was issued one of these before the day was out. After all, it was tradition now.

"You are being most welcome," Mila said as she accepted the empty package and handed him the smaller one. "This is being from me to you for being great man and greater Captain."

Harvey smiled and opened the package.

Inside the smaller package was a combadge shaped pocket watch resting on a field of black velvet with four solid gold pips under it. It had a chain attached to the top of it and inside the glass cover was the initials HEG.

"Thank you," he said, looking down at his uniform, wondering how he'd even attempt to attach a pocket watch. But, with the rest of the crew still standing at attention, Harvey decided that he'd figure that out in privacy. To the crew, he ordered, "Departure stations everyone."

With that, the Russian Yeoman smiled and headed off the bridge again.

"Aye, sir," Felix said as he took his place at the helm beside Adan. A few keystrokes laid in the course he had plotted earlier. All that was missing was the order to hit "go."

Thiago looked at his console. A series of small indicators scrolled by. "All sections report ready."

"Mister Adan," Harvey said, sitting in his chair for the first time. He leaned back, enjoying how firm, yet comfortable the cushions were. It was a good chair indeed. "Contact the station and request permission for departure."

"Aye, Sir," responded Lieutenant Adan. His fingers glided along his console. "USS Black Hawk to Deep Space Nine. Requesting permission to depart station."

"Permission granted," came the voice from the station over the Commlink.

Turning to Geisler, Danyl said, "Permission to depart granted, Sir."

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Harvey said with a smile. "Mister Langston. Clear all moorings. Thrusters only until we clear the station. Then take us into the wormhole."

"Aye, sir," Felix said, hands deftly moving across the console. "Clearing moorings. Docking control reports all green. Departure vector set. We are go for launch." Felix felt the Black Hawk's massive engines come alive as the mighty ship moved away from its temporary home and through space to explore further than ever before.

The Black Hawk glided through space, flying by Deep Space Nine on its approach to the wormhole. A brilliant white flash preceded the gigantic, blue and purple swirling maw's opening. It welcomed the chrome-colored explorer like an old friend and the Black Hawk disappeared to the Gamma Quadrant.


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