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Drums of War

Posted on 29 Jun 2014 @ 1:42pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: History
Location: Starbase 211
Timeline: Stardate 50975.2 (2373)

Commodore Honeydew, a short, chubby, and near-sighted human male, and the commanding officer of Starbase 211, surveyed the small audience before him. The situation before him was delicate, and his next words had to be composed and delivered carefully. "I never thought this day would come," he confessed. "And I never thought that it would be me before you who would have to oversee such an event. Sure, I've performed this ceremony many a time, but none have had more meaning to me than this. This event proves that nothing is indeed impossible, and there is, in fact, a god."

A chuckle was delivered by the audience of fifty. "Now, both parties involved have already confessed, so if there are no objectives from the witnesses of this event...?"

The admiral waited a few moments for any objections. There were none. "Then, with the power vested in me by the United Federation of Planets, I present to you Harvey and Alison Geisler. Lieutenant, you may kiss the bride."

The applause was soft as Harvey and Alison shared their first kiss as a married couple.


The reception had been brief, not just because to the small guest count, but because Harvey Geisler had preferred for it to be that way. Including the newlyweds, the current population of the Medicinal Studies Conference Room was down to ten, including Commodore Honeydew, master of ceremonies. The only reason he was still around was to make sure the proper licenses were signed.

Finally, it was appropriate for the flag officer to approach the lieutenants to take care of his last bits of business. "This will take but a moment," the admiral noted, handing over a PADD.

"Of course," Alison said, quickly snatching the PADD and preventing Harvey from handling the matter. While he was the self-proclaimed brain of the couple, she at least had superiority in the social relations department. "Where do we sign?"

"Here," Honeydew noted, pointing to the proper lines as the conference room doors quickly parted behind them.

"Commodore!" cried the young yeoman who had just entered the room. "Commodore!"

"Just a moment, Ms. Clifford."

"It's a notice from Starfleet, sir," she said, running up to him with a PADD. "Marked urgent."

"Sign here?" asked Harvey to confirm what he was doing.

"Yes," Honeydew said, taking the PADD. Taking no moment to even examine the notice, he took a second to start writing his signature. As he finished his rank and first name, he glanced at the notice in his hand.

His hand stopped. The signature was unfinished.

"Commodore?" Alison asked, noticing the sudden pause. Harvey noticed it too.

Honeydew stumbled backwards. His other hand, still holding the stylus, fumbled around for something to support his body weight. Finally, it found a simple chair. Honeydew slipped into it, eyes still affixed on the PADD's screen. "My god," he whispered, reading the notice again. "It's happening."

"What is it?" Harvey asked. It was unlike the Commodore to suddenly be overcome with worry.

"Starbase Deep Space Nine has just been overrun by Dominion troops." Honeydew lowered the PADD. "We've declared war."

"And we're near the front lines," Harvey added, knowing the Starbase's proximity to Bajor. He turned to Alison. "Looks like the honeymoon will be short."

Alison smiled. "The war's not here yet," she replied. "And when it comes, we'll win within a month."

"Right," Harvey said, kissing his wife. "Always the optimist you are."

~To Be Continued~


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