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Posted on 30 Apr 2017 @ 1:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Abbey Road

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: MD1 : 1430 (Immediatey following "Together Again")

Once the briefing officially ended, Jayla had glanced around at her crewmates. Terrified that one of them would attempt to speak her her, she quickly stood and hurried out the door. She didn't know why she was afraid of talking to them. It made absolutely no sense. She'd never been afraid to talk to anyone in her entire life and she couldn't understand why she suddenly didn't want to talk to her friends now.

Never mind. She didn't have time to think about that. She went to her temporary quarters on the station and gathered her things quickly. As she hadn't really unpacked, it took her exactly two minutes to vacate the room and inform station security that she was out.

After showing her orders to the security guard on duty at the dock, she was allowed on the ship and went immediately to find her quarters. She did not unpack just yet, as she only had an hour before they had to be ready to depart, but she did pull out her personal PaDD and opened the pictures. There were pictures of her family, of course. She smiled sadly as she scrolled through pictures of she and Jessa in the tree house, Neville diving off the cliff about 8 feet from the water, she and her father laughing about something she had since forgotten, the three women cooking in the kitchen. She missed them already.

But, then she came across a picture she hadn't actually looked at in a long time. It was Jayla with her arms around a Vulcan man, chin resting on his chest as she grinned up at him, eyes sparkling. He had one arm around her shoulders and was looking at her with an almost inscrutable expression on his face, but to anyone familiar with Vulcans, he was gazing at her adoringly.

“Silak,” she whispered and her eyes filled with tears. There was no way around it; she felt guilty for his death. Even though she knew it was ridiculous to think so, she felt like it was her fault that he was gone.

She dashed the tears away and shut the PaDD down, abruptly setting it down on the coffee table. She had to get to Sick Bay and make sure things were in order. She could think about Silak later.

She made her way through the corridors, not really appreciating the new ship as much as she probably should; being a doctor, she didn't really notice much else outside of the Medical areas. In fact, she couldn't even recall the color of the carpet in her new quarters though she had just left them only two minutes ago.

In Sick Bay, she found a few nurses already in attendance, checking the nursing stations or adjusting the contents of their standard issue medical kits to their own liking. She spotted Doctor Road nearby, red-eyed, staring at a tricorder.

“Hey, Abbey,” she said as she approached. “You okay?”

“Oh, hello, Jayla,” sniffed Abbey. She took a deep breath. “I'm all right. It's just.... Selek and I decided to leave Seran with my mum and dad on Luna. Selek keeps telling me it was a logical decision,” she said with a humorless laugh, “and I know it was, but I miss him, you know? Sometimes it just gets to me.”

Jayla nodded. In fact, she had decided after the battle when the Black Hawk was lost that a starship was really no place for a child. “He's right,” she said fairly. “It was a logical decision.”

“I know,” said Abbey reluctantly. “And he's a Vulcan. Seran, I mean. So he probably understands.”

“And there's lots of kids his age on Luna, too,” Jayla pointed out. “He'll be fine. And you'll be fine. You can send him as many subspace messages as you like.”

“Yeah,” answered Abbey. “Anyway,” she added, brightening significantly. “I've been here for a week and a half. Selek wanted to come back as soon as he found out we'd been assigned. I've been trying to get things set up for you, so everything should be as you like it. I think I remember the way you had it before. I took the liberty of requesting a couple of extra bio beds and some extra medicines. Most of it was approved, too, surprisingly. It arrived yesterday, but I haven't had a chance to put it all away. You'll find it in Cargo Bay one.”

“Thanks,” Jayla replied, honestly grateful; it would make her job easier. “I'll get some of the medics and technicians to bring them all up later. I'll be in my office going over crew medical files.”

Abbey nodded and Jayla went to get to work. She had to be prepared to leave dock in just under an hour and since Dr. Road had taken care of so much for her, that meant that she could get a head start on other tasks.


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