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Inspection: Science

Posted on 14 May 2017 @ 10:18pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant JG Jennin Rhula & Ensign Aidan Crehan & Master Warrant Officer Karyna Fordyce

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Briefing Room 5
Timeline: MD 2 || 0915 hours

Unlike most of the other complexes aboard the Black Hawk, the ship's science facilities were spread out all over the vessel. It made sense, considering that the science detachment was one of the largest aboard the ship. But it would also make Commander Djinx that much harder to find. Just outside the Intelligence Center, Harvey tapped his combadge. "Computer, locate Commander Djinx."

The computers voice quickly responded to the captain's question. It seemed its voice was even a bit different than on the Akira class ship. "Lietenant Commander Djinx is currently on Deck 9, Briefing Room 5."

"Thank you," Harvey mumbled, turning about. He had hoped that Djinx would be in one of the labs, but if he was holding a briefing, there was very likely a good reason for doing so.


Arjin turned his attention towards the large viewscreen which showed a picture of the Finnean Convergence.

"This will be the main focus of our department for the duration of our mission.", he indicated to his department heads. "Our job will be to find a way to enter ........"

The doors to the back of the room parted, allowing Harvey to enter the briefing room. Instantly, he spotted the Convergence Zone, the site chosen for a moment of his future destiny, on the viewscreen. Harvey closed his eyes for a moment, both excited and fearful of the days to come. He knew not what dangers awaited him, but only that certain danger was approaching. For now, however, he remained near the door, in the back of the room, to allow the Commander to continue speaking. He'd pick a window to soon interject, should he need to.

Ensign Crehan noticed the Commander's pause, but did not turn to see why. Instead, he kept his attention on the monitor in front of them. This Convergence and the surrounding area in the Gamma Quadrant was new to him. He wasn't familiar with them was interested in learning what he could about them. His brow furrowed slightly as he realized that the Commander had stopped at finding a way to enter, possibly, it.

They are clearly infiltrating Starfleet, Rhula thought, seeing that both of the senior officers he reported to were Trill. What is the universe coming to? The Bajoran man cleared his throat. "Excuse me, Commander, but how does this briefing relate to me? I'm an exobiologist; you are, seemingly, about to embark down a path of discussion more apt for the astro-stellar types. Maybe the physicists."

Sitting two rows behind the Bajoran man, Karyna Fordyce rolled her eyes. She hadn't met him, but she already didn't like him. "Let the Commander speak," she called out, hoping to shut the exobiologist up.

"How rude," Rhula exclaimed, turning to see who had spoken against him. His eyes scanned the seat behind him until his eyes noticed some fingers waving at him.

Arjin had noticed the Captain entering the briefing room. Not having announced his presence to the gathered crowd, he extrapolated the Captain wanted to follow the briefing rather than to interrupt it.

So he continued his sentence, pointing his attention towards the Bajoran man that seemed to have the impression he was waisting his time here.

"As I was about to say. Our job will be to find a way to enter the Convergence. Something no one has done before us without living to tell afterwards." He paused to let his words sink in.

"Once inside we know we will be able to encounter other species. And this Lieutenant Jennin is where your department will be able to shine."

Then let's talk about that and not waste time on the astro-sciences mumbo-jumbo, Rhula thought.

"Mister Djinx is correct," said the Captain, heading for the front of the room. "For more than a decade, Starfleet has only been able to observe the outside of the Zone. The Black Hawk will soon be charged to enter it, and as he mentioned, no one has ever survived it."

Looking to the Chief Science Officer, Harvey added, "I apologize for interrupting your briefing, Commander."

Arjin nodded towards the Captain. "No apologies needed, Captain. Please feel free to continue."

"Our knowledge on the zone is quite limited as a result," Harvey said, turning towards the group. "At least the knowledge that is in the Starfleet databanks. When we reach Deep Space Fifteen in a couple days, you will need to interface with the Science Crew aboard the USS Vasco da Gama. They have the most experience with the zone and will be able to provide you with everything that you need. In the meantime, we do have a few records on file, as well as a complete listing of everything that has tried to enter or exit the Zone."

Arjin looked at the faces and composure of his department crew when the Captain confirmed his words. Some were shocked, some seemed frightened, others faces were unreadable to him. But he was quite sure they all were making their own math.

It all sounded interesting to Aidan. But one thing stood out to him. "You said tried to enter or exit the Zone, Captain. Have they all been failures?"

Arjin looked at the Captain. "Will you reply or shall I", Arjin asked

"All but one," Harvey replied. "And, I hope that while we're on DS15, you will get a chance to interview the Aketi, the only known lifeforms to leave the Zone."

"The...Aketi," Aidan said, hesitantly. "I do not believe I've had a chance to study much about them. As an alien anthropologist, I look forward to it, Sir." He glanced at the others in the room.

Karyna didn't like how this mission was starting to sound. She'd nearly left Starfleet after her recent experiences on the Cochrane, but had decided to apply for transfer to the Black Hawk, largely because of her high opinion of Commander Teixeira. The last thing she needed now was some spatial anomaly that seemingly devoured everyone who encountered it.

"You won't find too much information in the databanks," Harvey remarked. "Speaking as a researcher, when information is unavailable or sparse, a good approach is to start listing the things or information you want to learn. That way, you'll maximize your time with the Aketi and the Vasco da Gama. The situation at DS15 is tense. Time will be of the essence."

Aidan smiled. It had always amused him that humans used that phrase so often and in application to so many situations. "Indeed it is, Sir. And I will make the most of the time we available to us to get the information we need."

"Captain," Rhula started, addressing Geisler rather than the Trill Science Chief, "will he be heading up the Aketi investigation?" He pointed to the Ensign who had just spoken.

"You will all get your orders directly from me after this briefing. All departments and all persons will have enough work on their plate before this mission is over. Trust me.", Arjin replied to the Bajoran Officer.

"And then some," remarked the Captain. "I'll leave you all to it for now," he informed them all, starting to walk towards the exit. "Carry on."

Aidan nodded to the Captain as he left and turned back around to face his Chief. He was ready to get going.

Rhula harrumphed. "That doesn't really answer my question," he intoned, directing his remarks at the Trill Science Head. "Is this guy in charge of the Aketi investigation?" he asked, again motioning towards Aidan.

"Wether or not he is, will be my job to decide. Every one will be briefed later this day.", Arjin calmly remarked. "For now, I want everyone to study the already available data and prepare a list with things needed to unlock this puzzle. For now you are all dismissed."


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