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Inspection: Squadron

Posted on 07 May 2017 @ 10:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Gemma Alexander & Ensign Aurilia Moretti

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Flight Deck
Timeline: MD 2 || 1015 hours

The flight deck was impressive. Parts of it spanned three decks high, and the second level contained a lot of windows, observation areas for a lot of the crew. A large center column rested in the middle of the deck, providing both support for the ship's structure, and contained turbolift tubes, the computer core, offices, maintenance bays and more.

Harvey nodded, walking along the flight deck, observing the squadron at work. This was an inspection, a surprise one. He was not looking for anyone in particular, but should he see Commander Walsh on the deck... well, he would welcome the site.

Terry was standing along the back wall at what could've passed for a Master System's Display, but instead showed the locations of each fighter on the Deck. Well, at the moment it did. The monitors could be changed to show a multiplicity of displays. But right now, he and the Chief of Fighter Maintenance were going over which pilots were going to be assigned to which fighters. Terry lifted his PADD and pointed to a name and to a location on the display. The Chief nodded and added the pilot's name and call sign while Terry updated his PADD. Things were going well with this part of his duties for the day and he was glad for that.

Gemma was trying not to walk too fast, today was the day she'd find out what of these beauties she'd get to keep for her very own and was eager to be about it. As she headed for the back where the brains of the flight deck were in an effort to find her Squadron CO she saw her actual CO and immediately changed plans. She'd not actually seen him in months, he definitely looked more at peace now, well they all did to tell a truth. She walked over, "Help you with anything Sir?" she said taking her hands out of the pockets of her flight suit. Her smile respectful but warm with a genuine friendliness.

The Captain turned to see Lieutenant Alexander coming up on his left side. "It's good to see you again, Lieutenant," he remarked. "In fact, it's good to see the Squadron have a home once again."

Alexander nodded, "Yes Sir, myself as well." She glanced around, "They've done well by us if I may say so Sir."

Aurilia stood by one of the Gryphon's wearing a flight suit with a small PADD in her hand, her fingers moving over it rapidly as she made calculations. When she heard a male voice, she turned and saw the Captain on the Flight Deck and nearly dropped the PADD. She didn't think Captain's left the bridge and she tried to recover her fluster and attempted to make herself as inconspicuous as possible by ducking down as if she were checking the landing gear.

Harvey's eyes couldn't miss the officer's actions, especially since she was just a few feet away. He grunted softly, surprised that a fighter pilot was so easily spooked. "The replacements certainly seem skittish," he remarked aloud, speaking to no one in particular, but knowing all too well that he could be heard by all.

A red roughly the same shade as her hair crept into her cheeks and Aurilia straightened up only to bump her head on the fighter. She fought down a curse and turned with a sheepish look on her face. "I'm not actually new, Captain," she said demurely. "I came aboard at Starbase Unity. Ensign Moretti at your service, Sir."

Harvey recognized the name. It wasn't hard to forget, seeing how even the 325th had casualties of their own during that fateful day. He was also familiar with her record, her past. Harvey wasn't pleased, but he understood the ship's need to defend itself in the alternate universe, as well as Commander Walsh's need to keep every available pilot on standby. In fact, he had nothing but a glowing report for the Ensign's file when it was all over.

"Ensign," Harvey returned the greeting. "I hope you don't flinch like that when you're on patrol."

"Sir, no, Sir," Aurilia said as she came to attention. "I've changed, Sir and nothing will ever happen like what happened in the past, Sir." She thought of the gentle giant of a doctor she had fallen in love with and all the help he had given her.

Harvey fought a smirk, admiring her youthful admonishment for formality. He'd let her keep that for now, and he changed the subject. "This is your bird, Ensign?"

"I...don't have an assigned fighter yet, Captain," she said. "I few the Peregrine before now and haven't actually checked out on any of these yet, Sir. The specs for them look amazing, though and I'm looking forward to seeing how they perform." She remembered the hell in space fight at Deep Space 11 and shuddered. "As long as it isn't in the middle of a dog fight again, Sir."

Harvey had taken a moment to visually inspect the bird for himself. walking around it as he did so. He had familiarized himself with the Gryphon's schematics and features, but text and pictures rarely prepared one for the real thing. "That is something that not even the Great Bird himself can guarantee, I'm afraid."

"Yes, Sir," Aurila said. "Are we going to be sent out on patrol before we arrive at our destination?" she asked him, unaware of what the destination might be other than the fact that they were back in the Gamma Quadrant.

Harvey didn't nod or otherwise respond. While he could easily answer that question, he gathered from his inspections thus far that not many of the crew knew where they were going. In fact, given the secretive nature of the briefing the senior staff had on Deep Space Nine, Harvey was certain that they all didn't know what they could share. "All I can say, Ensign," he said, returning to stand near Miss Alexander once more, "is that I'm sure the 325th will get to remind everyone that they're the best of the best."

"That they are Sir..." Alexander said coming to Moretti's aid, "Every one of us..." She gave the Ensign a supportive nod since she had looked a bit nervous. The Ensign had more than earned her place as one of them, and pilot units could be a tight as blood family. "If you're looking for the Boss I can escort you, He's making craft assignments today." She offered, knowing that was why so many of the pilots were hovering hopefully around the flight bay. She wasn't the only one who wanted to know which one would be hers and hers alone. Whenever the brass chose to tell them what was next she knew the Black Knights could handle it.

"Lead the way, Lieutenant," Harvey said with a curt nod. "Thank you, Ensign."

"You're welcome, Sir," Aurilia responded before she wondered why he thanked her, but she didn't question it. With her PADD once more in hand, she began to go back into the schematics and abilities.

Alexander nodded and lead the Captain headed over to where she'd been told Rocco was. They found him and the Maintenance Chief bent over the Master Systems Display. "Rocco, Captain on Deck" she called when they had gotten close enough for Walsh to hear.

Terry came to attention as expected and caught a quick glance of the Chief doing the same. He then turned around to face the Captain and smiled. "Good morning, Sir," he said. "Welcome the Flight Deck."

At that Alexander did what all good wingmen did, she smoothly and gracefully shifted to the left of the Captain, took a step back and came to attention as well. She was ready to peel off and exit stage left or maintain a holding pattern as needed.

"At ease, all of you," Harvey remarked. Two months seemed to be enough for everyone to forget how much he didn't stand on ceremony unless it served a specific purpose. "And an impressive Flight Deck it is, Mister Walsh. How go the assignments?"

"Isn't it, though," he replied immediately after relaxing. "The assignments are going well. As a matter of fact, we were almost done. The Chief here can wrap it up...just making sure the wingmen are close to each other. Can't have them too far apart." He stepped off to the side. "Thanks," he said. "I don't know how you or Starfleet managed it, but thanks. It's good to be home. Especially with fighters as impressive as these to get used to."

"Seeing what we're up against," Harvey remarked, "I'm surprised they didn't stick us in a Galaxy or Ascension." Immediately, the Captain shivered, thinking of how ugly the Ascensions were. At least the Century class was a graceful bird, just like her Akira predecessor. "At least we have every chance of making it."

Terry chuckled a little. "When I first came over to the Fleet, I was always told, 'Starfleet knows best' by most of my superiors. But as far as having every chance of making it...," he paused and looked around the Flight Deck. "...I think it's a bunch of pretty good chances, considering this ship." He glanced over to Alexander. "I see you've already met my wingperson, Lieutenant Alexander."

Alexander had relaxed when the Captain told them too and had moved off to one side, just beginning to wonder if she should just quietly fade away, do her best tree impression or try to take a peek at the assignments board when Lt. Commander Walsh mentioned her. She turned to the Captain and smiled an acknowledgement but said nothing since it was not directed at her.

"Another survivor from our last rodeo, if I recall correctly." Harvey did recall correctly. "I can assume you've had a chance to familiarize yourself with everything?"

"I have," answered Terry. "Everything I can with regard to the fighters. I'm still getting familiar with a few things on the Flight Deck. For example, the simulators. I haven't had a chance to fully familiarize myself with them. But it's nice to have them. We won't have to take up holodeck time and resources now."

Harvey nodded. "And you won't have to compete for those resources either," he remarked before looking around the flight deck once more. Starfleet certainly was doing everything it could to have this single ship defend itself and accomplish its goals... whatever they were.

The Captain turned back to the Squadron Commander. "I'm not sure how it all works, but I don't think you have much time to get used to the Gryphons. Deep Space Fifteen is highly contested, and I have a feeling we're going to have to show some muscle."

Alexander made a mental note to live in the training areas for the next while, just in case because that didn't sound good.

Terry nodded. "Muscle we have, Captain. And sometimes the best way to get the feel for something is to jump right in. However, since we have them, we may as well get some use out of them. The simulators that is." He turned his attention to the Lieutenant for a moment, knowing that his plate was going to be rather full, "Lieutenant Alexander, prepare a training schedule and make sure that every pilot gets some time. We have eight simulators down there. Make full use of them all. I'd like to see your schedule today, too."

Alexander nodded a 'can do' attitude obvious, "I'll get right on it Rocco...with your permission Sir?" She said, glancing at the Captain as well including him as she remembered to ask before just running off.

"Go ahead, Lieutenant," said Terry. "And thanks."

At a nod she took off and jogged off. She found a quiet corner, aka not being run over by others and pulled out a PADD and set to work. Sooner she got this done and approved the sooner they could all get back in the cockpit.

Turning back to the Captain, he continued, "Highly contested, is it? In that case, I'd recommend going in with Alpha Flight escorting. If we're going to have to show some muscle, might as well start flexing them while we go up the front walk."

"Make a grand entrance?" Harvey confirmed, translating fighter jockey speech to something a little more theatrical. "I was hoping you'd suggest something like that. If at all possible, we shouldn't keep the entire squadron deployed at a time, and aside from the entrance, we shouldn't have all birds in a flight in the air at all times either. You can bet we'll be scanned and examined from every angle."

"Of that, I have no doubt," said Terry. "And I think that's a good idea, just having a few from each Flight in the black. The rest of the Flight, and Squadron, can be on various levels of standby is something crops up." He paused and chuckled a little. "If something crops up...sometimes I forget who I work for," he said, smiling. "Something always crops up in Starfleet."

"Indeed it does, Commander," Harvey agreed. Then, in a muttering tone, he repeated, "Indeed it does. Commander Walsh, I won't keep you. I know there is much to do, and such little time to accomplish it all. I'm going to need your team rated on these fighters as quickly as possible."

"Understood Captain," said Terry. "As soon as Lieutenant Alexander brings her schedule back, I'll get them started on it." He extended his hand for the Captain to shake it. It was an unusual move for a senior officer, and for Terry. But he'd been a little less somber as of late and a little more relaxed and friendly. "If there's nothing else, Sir?"

Harvey looked at the hand for a moment before shaking it. Commander Walsh had yet to let Harvey down, even to the point of nearly sacrificing his own life at the hands of the Consortium. "Carry on, Mister Walsh. I look forward to your next report."

Terry gave a hearty, manly handshake and nodded. "Aye, sir. Carrying on," he added with a grin before releasing the Captain's hand. He then looked over to the young redhead that he'd put back in the cockpit. She'd been standing there patiently the whole time. "I bet you're waiting to find out which bird is yours, aren't you, Ensign?"

Aurilia gave the bald squadron commander a smile. "It would be nice, Commander," she said. "But not immediately required, Sir. I've just been admiring them and going over the specifications."

Harvey remained for a moment to observe the Squadron Commander before taking an opportunity to back away and head for a turbolift. He still had an inspection to finish and a long way to go before it was done.

Terry looked down at her and shook his head. "I was once where you're at, Ensign. Don't feed me that line of bull." He laughed and walked over to the wall display. "Get over here." He tapped an area and pulled up the list of pilot's names. Scrolling, he found Aurilia's. "There," he said, pointing to a bay location on the other side of the Deck, "Eleven dash zero five." He turned to the Ensign. "Bay Five. Have at it." The Flight that was on duty for that week would have their fighters on-deck and ready. The others would be parked in their bays. At least, that's how Terry planned for it to be set-up. At this point though, many of the were still in their bays.

Aurilia gave a broad grin when she was called on her desire to have a fighter assigned. "Eleven dash zero five, yes, Sir, thank you, Sir," she said as she headed over to the area where the new Gryphon class was stored. When she got there, she ran her hand over the side of it. "Eleven dash zero five? No. I'm going to call you Mjolnir," she decided. "Together, we shall strike down those who are not worthy."

Terry watched as Ensign Moretti made her way to her fighter. He was glad that he had gotten her back in the flying list. She was good and he was glad that she was on their side.


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